Caer en tentación – Capitulos 19
Raquel (Silvia Navarro) and Damián (Gabriel Soto) are happily married with two children. Destiny leads Damián to meet Carolina (Adriana Louvier) and feels an undeniable attraction towards her. Damián did not know that Carolina was already married to Santiago (Carlos Ferro), a construction architect with whom she has two children with. Raquel accidentally backs her car to Santiago's truck. They realized that their sons know each other. Raquel volunteers to pay for the damages but Santiago refuses. Raquel insisted and goes to the Álvarado home with Damián. The two couples become great friends. But the desire between Damián and Carolina is stronger than their marriage commitment and both decide to deceive to their spouses. Damián and Carolina had a terrible car accident. Rescuers only found a seriously injured Damián and Carolina mysteriously disappears from the scene. During the investigation by the police, Raquel and Santiago learn that their spouses are lovers
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